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Interview with 01net.com

Meeting with Philippe Pinault, founder of blogSpirit and talkSpirit, and Alain Clapaud, journalist at 01net.com, a French website about computing actuality.


Philippe Pinault ; PP

Alain Clapaud: What is the value added of your services beside other social networks?

Philippe Pinault: Many brand's own social networks are based on self-management, while we realized that this model does not work most of the time. We trust the Commnunity Managers have to initiate conversations, revive them, help members connect with each others, and lead the social network. Thereby, we work on evolving our tools to let the Community Managers go further, to also reach from the same administrative platform other social networks, like Facebook.

AC: What is your front end development strategy?

PP: Our clients are not the IT / IS departments, but the HR, PR, marketing,... departments. They look for solutions to satisfy their needs, that we are able to set up in a short time period and for a reasonable budget. We develop, from our software, a bespoke solution which matches with their specific uses: it could be an internal social network, a community platform,... or an online idea box which could be a valuable option for a specific case for exemple.

AC: What is your business development roadmap ?

PP: We would like to increase our service offers among some key accounts. There are still a lot of processes to equip. Moreover, we are setting up a UK operation, in London, and have started to take a look at opportunities in Asia. At last, Orange has selected our software to be part of their "Cloud Pro" service offer. These turnkey solutions in a self-service mode are a huge time-savings for these CEOs. This offer is dedicated to SMEs, from 0 to 50 employees; they are 3,5 millions in France. It is a real growth opportunity for our company.


The original article in French is here !


Sanofi's community platform

talkSpirit and Publicis-MSL helped Sanofi to set up a community platform in Germany based on conversations dedicated to vaccination: http://www.impfenimdialog.de

Internet users can read relevant information produced by the laboratory, ask questions and find advices from experts and answers from the community.

Legitimate on this topic, it is a way for Sanofi to humanize an expertise and become the unquestioned leader on the social web on one of its strategic issues.

sanofi ; health care


Orange "Cloud Pro"

blogSpirit has set up a new partnership with Orange on a service offer called "Cloud Pro".

This online offer includes apps for social collaboration, document management, marketing, PR and CRM.

Through this offer, Orange wants to help the SMEs to be more flexible online with a simple and economical solution, and thereby help these small businesses as much as possible in their development.

On the Marketing and PR section, "Cloud Pro" includes in its offer an email campaign, an e-commerce website and one or several professional blogs.

blogSpirit works on this last option, to help Orange clients develop their online presence easily.

This solution powered by blogSpirit includes hosting and maintaining the platforms, managing their evolutions, and also offering widgets, easy SEO thanks to tags, detailed stats,...

For a company, blogs are a simple and quick mean to gain visibility on the Internet and to start a dialog with its ecosystem.

Orange clients could benefit from blogSpirit expertise on those issues. They will also appreciate the power and simplicity of our platforms.

Congratulations to all the Orange teams and partners for their great job.

Orange ; cloud