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Integrate the Community Manager's tasks better within the enterprise

In addition to the daily tasks: engaging, moderating, analyzing, reporting,... it is "offline" that the Community Manager's role keeps growing. Taking care of an online community which is not the realization of a truly global business projet is a strong limit to the value that could be gained from the information shared on social media. However, being ready to cast doubt and develop ways to make according to the trends detected in the conversations, it is the opportunity for an organization to enter in a new dimension.

What does that mean? Despite he is often linked to one department in the company only, as the marketing division for example, the Community Manager has often the opportunity to make its activity go further and connect it to the other services, such as the one in charge of customer support or product development for example ... Thereby, the success of the community project depends a lot on the Community Manager's abilities to impact his analysis of the online conversations throughout all the business value chain.

It is essential that companies measure the importance of "investing" in a Community Manager who has a sufficient maturity to be able to warn some decision makers in the company if needed, to make them become aware of possible divergences between their approaches and the public expectations. In that sense, his ability to understand the overall functioning of the company and its processes is a key to success. It is not the only key factor. A Community Management project is more likely to succeed if it operates in a context where it is supported by a corporate strategy, internally as well as externally.

In short, a successful Community Management project is often the realization of a well thought business strategy, from the hiring of the Community Manager up to the business process development.